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Fence Types


B & B Fence Co, Inc. offers a wide range of fencing products and designs. With chain link, ornamental, vinyl fencing and more, we are sure to provide you most any type of fence you desire.


B & B Fence Co, Inc. of Dunn, NC offers sales and installation of vinyl fencing systems, which are the best alternative to wood and will keep their quality appearance for many years.

PVC fencing is environmentally safe, offering a smooth surface with no nails, sharp edges or splinters.



Vinyl posts, post caps and gates are available as well as many customization options. Various styles include 3- and 4-Rail, Albemarle, Tyler and Savannah.

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Residential - Chain link fencing is the economic solution for adding safety to your home. Peace of mind does not have to cost a fortune and you will rest easy knowing your chain link fence is securing your property. We carry galvanized chain link as well as the more popular all-vinyl-coated chain link products, which come in black, brown, and green.

Chain link is very much suited as pool enclosures, or pet containment, such as dog kennels. It not only serves to keep your own pets within your property, but it keeps other animals out.

Commercial and Industrial - Secure your property with our complete line of commercial products. Chain link fences are the most economical permanent fences available, and overall, easy to maintain. They can be used on virtually any terrain and come in sizes and configurations that are basically limitless. Best of all, they provide the security you need to protect your business and its property.

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Besides the obvious beauty of ornamental fences, they are also extremely functional and offer a number of other benefits. These durable fences and gates are not only strong, but low-maintenance and come in various styles, colors and heights. They are an attractive solution to your security needs for public, residential, commercial and industrial properties.

With many styles to choose from, including spear top and flat top along with others, we are sure to have a fence to compliment your property and appeal to your sense of style and taste. We can also install automatic operating systems on your gate, for added convenience.

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Additional Products
Our privacy, picke,t and rail fence systems all have customizable options available to assure your fence meets both your style and security needs. We have posts and fittings for all sizes and styles as well.

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For more information, please feel free to contact B & B Fence Co, Inc. We're always glad to hear from you and happy to provide a free estimate.